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BOYS All-In-one Full day Summer Volleyball Camp series

BOYS ONLY -  All Skills, Beach Conditioning, and Beach Volleyball

Program Description:


A one of a kind volleyball camp, in a state of the art volleyball complex, delivered by a best in class Volleyball Training Academy. 

Our four day, full day sessions will be as follows:

At 9am  you will hit our beach for our sand conditioning program which will quickly get you into great shape. 

Our sand could be the secret weapon that gives you the edge over your competition when you arrive at your school tryouts.

  • Beach Volleyball will further help you strengthen your versatility on the court since it’s played in a 2v2 format. 
  • Playing doubles will not only accelerate your volleyball skills development because you will have a lot more contacts on the ball, it will also help you get into great shape faster because sand provides added resistance which translates into a great cardio and leg workout. 
  • After playing beach volleyball, when you get back on the indoor court you will feel ultra light, as if you could fly. It’s a proven fact that playing beach volleyball over a period of time helps you increase your vertical jump.
  • After this program, you will no doubt see a step change in the development of your volleyball skills, of your stamina, and your overall conditioning. Just as important, you will have a blast throughout your development process.

At 1pm we will meet for a three hour practice in which you will learn the proper fundamentals of the core skills of the game.

  • We will break down each of the technical areas of Serving, Hitting, Passing, and Setting, through a combination of drills and game situations that will allow you to execute what you are learning and refining every day.
  • We will use slow motion video replay to help illustrate players’ area of focus and progress as we teach each skill. 
  • At noon you will have your lunch in our comfortable, air conditioned sky box, on the second floor of our complex. You will have a chance to rest there and recharge your batteries for the afternoon session.


We will divide players into two groups to ensure a similar level of skill amongst the players in each group.

  • Group 1: Incoming HS Freshmen or older, with some experience in VB who wish to compete for a spot on a HS team (Freshman, JV, or Varsity) in the fall of 2024.  If you are a Middle School player with some experience in the game, you can be considered for this group.
  • Group 2:  Players who will be in grades 6-10th in the fall, with little experience in Volleyball but who want to learn the sport and have a lot of fun in the process.


  • Daily schedule: Start at 9am - end at  4pm
  • Monday - Thursday
  • Each training block consists of:
    • 6 hours of training each day, 3 on the indoor courts, 3 on the beach courts.
    • Fun activities during lunch break includes Karaoke, Trivia Contests, etc…
    • 4 consecutive days of camp - Total Camp Hours: 24
  • Limited spaces per training block
  • Fully Air Conditioned facility 

* Indoor and Sand side activities might change from morning to afternoons and vice versa) at coaches’ discretion


Cost: $395 - includes 2 Camp T-Shirts 

  • Lunch is not included, players should bring their own lunch.
  • Snack Bar will be open with drinks, light snacks, smoothies and Açai Bowls


BLOCK 1 JUNE 24 - 27 $395*
BLOCK 2 JULY 15 - 18 $395*
BLOCK 3 JULY 22 - 25 $395*
BLOCK 4 JULY 29 - AUGUST 1 $395*
BLOCK 5 AUGUST 5 - 8 $395*

* Price per player, includes 2 practice tees


I VOLLEY Volleyball Complex
6 Middlebury Blvd.
Randolph, NJ 07869