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Are you serious about strengthening your volleyball skills as quickly as possible in preparation for your upcoming High School or College season?

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PhaSe 2 Cost Per Player: $250

* small group limited to 6 players per group

PhaSe 3 Cost Per Player: $250

* small group limited to 6 players per group

How do I know this program will  truly help me accelerate my development?

We will break down every skill for you and guide you through the development process using different tools, including video technology, film review and more. We have a long track record of success training players at all levels of the game and some of our former players have earned All American Honors at the NCAA level.  Our technical training is Best In Class, and we’re confident you’ll confirm this during your 20 min free evaluation. If you’re not totally convinced, there is no commitment on your part.

How long does it take and what is the cost?

It varies because each player is different. Each plan is customized according to your individual needs, your developmental goals, your budget and your availability. Some plans can be completed in 1 week, while some plans are completed in 10-12 weeks.  Naturally, the results you obtain will also vary depending on the amount of time you commit to training.

Where does the training take place?

All of our training takes place at NJ’s #1 volleyball facility, The I Volley Complex, a state of the art 32,000 sq ft Volleyball complex featuring 3 indoor hard courts and 3 indoor sand courts, all temperature controlled. We have ample parking and a 2nd floor skybox where parents can have a cup of coffee, sit back and watch the development happen in real time. All of our courts are equipped with high-definition video cameras to capture all the training and share it with you for your review, upon request.  We want parents to witness the great training we deliver for every player and welcome them in our facility at all times.

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